What is Branding and Why is it Vital for my Business?

2015-10-27 |   Marketing

The term “branding” gets thrown around a lot in today’s business world, but rarely do we stop to consider what that really means. As technology improves and brings the expense of high-quality advertising materials lower, both large and small businesses are recognizing the value of differentiating oneself with a recognizable brand. Here are the most […]

How to Tell That It's Time to Rebrand

2015-10-16 |   Marketing

Change can be scary for businesses, especially if your brand has looked a certain way since its inception. Technologies, clientele, and all other types of elements inevitably change, though, and sticking with the same old look can make you look like a dinosaur to your customers. Worse even: to your potential customers. Big businesses from […]

Caring for Your Vinyl Graphics

2015-10-06 |   Vehicle Graphics

So you have your brand-new graphic wrap on your car. As you drive out of the parking lot, you look forward to showing off your vehicle wrap to thousands of potential customers out on the highways and in cities. After a little while, however, dust collects and makes the colors look shabby. Mud happens. Maybe […]

Guerrilla Marketing with Signs and Graphics

2015-09-29 |   Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a term that’s used to refer to surprising and unusual ways of bringing attention to your business. It can come in all different forms, including viral videos and street campaigns that make passersby do double takes. While a lot of viral marketing takes place online, the streets are still the target of […]

eGenoa Gives the Wicked Shamrock a New Look with Firestone Wraps

2015-09-22 |   Custom Printing , eGenoa News

To celebrate and support the growing craft beer industry in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County, eGenoa has teamed up with Firestone Walker Brewing Company to provide some new flair for The Wicked Shamrock. Based in Paso Robles, CA, Firestone has been around since 1996 and has grown into one of the area’s most popular […]

Marketing on the Go with Portable Displays

2015-09-15 |   Marketing , Trade Show Displays

A big tradeshow calls for major displays, which often need to be shipped off months ahead of time. But what about the smaller-scale events, like street festivals, chamber of commerce mixers, and other local events, that can still generate leads? You can create an A+ display that will make your business look brilliant without having […]

Graphic Wrap Removal: Easy with 3M Certified Professionals

2015-09-09 |   Vehicle Graphics

It’s been proven over and over again that getting a graphic wrap for your car will help your bottom line. Just by going about your daily business of driving around town and parking in front of your home and business can get make between 30,000-70,000 impressions on potential customers per day. Getting your entire car […]

End of Summer Fairs: Not Just for Farming

2015-09-01 |   Industry News

It’s the time of year when people all over the United States do everything they can to squeeze the last bit of fun out of the summer season. Often, that means the last burst of summer fairs across the country, each state’s opportunity to show off to visitors what respective areas truly have to offer. […]

How Business Owners Can Use Pinterest for Marketing Ideas

2015-08-25 |   Marketing

You may think of Pinterest as a place where your aunt can find casserole recipes or your sister-in-law can post pictures of her knitting projects, but there is much, much more to it than that. Business owners are increasingly seeing the power of Pinterest to inspire eye-catching marketing ideas. Designers, major companies, artists, and small […]

Reusable Outdoor Advertising Tools

2015-08-04 |   Custom Signs

During the spring, summer, and even early fall there are many opportunities for you to go out into the community and strut your business stuff at farmer’s markets, street fairs, concerts, and county fairs. Unfortunately, everyone else will be out there, too, competing for space and the limited attention of potential customers. While you may […]

4 Ways to Stay Healthy at a Tradeshow

2015-07-28 |   eGenoa News

There are so many things to remember when getting ready to exhibit at a trade show. We’ve discussed ways to use technology to give show-goers a memorable experience, which stunning trade show displays are available, and general pointers to have a more successful trade show experience. The most important part of all, though, is taking […]

Say it with Type: The Power of Text Based Logos

2015-07-21 |   Custom Signs

We’ve talked here before about how, when it comes to design, often less is more. You might be struggling over picking the right colors, shape, or style for your business’ logo or sign. It can be tempting to over-design; trying to cram every symbol that represents your business or industry you can think of into […]

Matte is the New Black for Vehicle Wraps

2015-07-14 |   Vehicle Graphics

With roadways full of glossy paint jobs, a “less is more” approach to vehicle wrapping can really catch the eye. That is part of why the matte finish has been popular since the mid 2000s and why, whether you are advertising on the Central Coast of California or anywhere else in the USA, it’s a […]

3 Things to Consider for Custom Outdoor Signs

2015-07-07 |   Custom Signs

The letters “H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D” illuminated on a Los Angeles hillside; the bright lights of Vegas, above the strip or rusting in neon graveyards; nothing implants itself in the memory the way an outdoor sign can. Placing your own iconic image out into the world is an exciting step for a brick and mortar business, but also […]

White Space: Not Always White, but Always Good for Graphics

2015-06-30 |   Custom Printing , Custom Signs

One of the most common disagreements between designers and the business owners they are working with is the debate over something called white space. Someone working to get a message out about a product or service may be completely focused on communicating as many benefits as possible within a cramped space – which is easy […]

One Way or Another, Color Affects Your Customers

2015-06-26 |   Custom Printing

When you think of good advertising colors, do you always go bright and flashy? Do you prefer something muted and subdued? Or do you shy away from using color altogether? Regardless of your own preference, what matters most is what will appeal to your customers. The CCI Institute for Color Research reports that between 60-90% […]

Things to Remember When Going Global with Trade Shows

2015-06-18 |   Trade Show Displays

Technology and increased opportunities for affordable travel have made it easier than ever to sell products all over the world. One way to break into or expand within the international market is to display at a major international trade show. While many of the biggest shows take place in the US, there are also some […]

5 Tricks of the Trade Show with Interactive Tablets

2015-06-11 |   Industry News

Tablets do wonders for consumer engagement within many different scenarios. You could show a client sketches or projected profits while pitching an idea or display your product inventory to potential buyers. Using these tech tools at a trade show is no exception to the rule. If you can’t quite see the difference yet, consider these five […]

Even Low-Lying Details Can Raise Your Bottom Line

2015-05-28 |   Trade Show Displays

When visitors step into your tradeshow display, are you truly inviting them into the world of your company and products? Within your trade show space, you have the opportunity not only to demonstrate how irresistible your products are, but also to really show what your company culture is all about. That effect doesn’t have to […]

Roll-Up Banners: Small Space, Big ROI

2015-05-18 |   Custom Signs , Trade Show Displays

When you have a good mind for marketing, you know that you need a variety of different sales-weapons in your arsenal in order to make the most of opportunities. Some situations call for large, impressive displays that tower overhead and draw eyes from all over a large room. Some events, however, call for something simpler. […]

Even with Signage, It’s What’s on the Inside that Matters Most

2015-05-06 |   Custom Signs

It’s easy to become fixated on getting the sign over your door to look absolutely perfect. After all, it’s the first thing people see when they pass by, or when they’ve read your glowing reviews online and are trying to find your storefront or office. An outdoor sign is the face of your business and […]

Trade Show Spotlight: 3 May USA Trade Shows for Mom

2015-04-28 |   Industry News

May means Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and the market for female-friendly products is booming. Across the United States, there are several different mommy-oriented expos, offering products and experiences appealing to those shopping for their moms, wives, or even for a treat for themselves. Here are three that are coming up soon. The […]

5 Reasons to Choose a 3M Certified Installer

2015-04-14 |   Vehicle Graphics

Graphics wraps installers are all over the place, but how do you know which one to choose? We suggest a pretty straightforward sorting method: whether or not that installer is 3M Certified. This certification is one of the ways we at eGenoa stand out from the crowd, and here are five reasons why we think […]

5 Tips to Creating an Effective Menu Board

2015-04-08 |   Custom Printing , Custom Signs

One of your restaurant’s most effective marketing tools is often suspended right over your front counter. Having a readable and enticing menu board is one of the best ways to get customers to spend their money on your most profitable offerings. Here are 5 best practices to ensure you are getting the most out of […]

Tradeshow Spotlight: April 2015 in Sin City

2015-03-25 |   Industry News , Trade Show Displays

With ten convention centers containing over 64 spaces for groups to meet, Las Vegas is a hopping tradeshow hub. According to the Las Vegas Tourism Authority, there were over 22,000 conventions held in Las Vegas in 2014. Whatever your industry or area of interest, chances are there will be a time that the lights of […]

What’s the Big Deal with Bamboo?

2015-03-18 |   Trade Show Displays

Let’s face it: using sustainable products can do some really great things for your bottom line. Many clients respect a company that shows concern for the environment, and the use of unique materials can often help you stand out from competitors. In fact, a 2014 Nielsen’s Study said that 42% of US consumers (and 55% […]

Changeable and A-Frame Business Signs: Endless Possibilities to Engage

2015-03-09 |   Custom Signs

A-frame boards are commonly placed out on the sidewalk to draw pedestrians’ attention to sales, special offerings, or even just the fact that the place is open for business. But since so many other business have the same idea, how can you make your business stand out? If you follow trends on the internet (or […]

Make a Bold Statement with Trade Show Trusses

2015-03-03 |   Trade Show Displays

You’ve seen them at trade shows, drawing in high volumes of potential customers with impressive graphics that fill up all the available space. How do companies set up these jaw-dropping, full-sized booths that tower over the heads of show goers? While eGenoa’s retractable banner stands and table drapes are great supplementary pieces, if you really […]

5 Trade Show Best Practices: Exhibit Like a Boss

2015-02-24 |   Trade Show Displays

On a floor full of noise, impressive and colorful displays, and other entrepreneurs promoting their products, a trade show can be a daunting place to be successful and be seen. If you keep these five best-practices in your pocket, you can be more confident about having an outcome that improves your business image and bottom-line. […]

Show Off Your Electrical Systems Design with High Voltage Graphic Design

2015-02-17 |   Trade Show Displays

Preparations are well underway for the 52nd annual Design Automation Conference. This year it is taking place in San Francisco June 7-11, and there’s still room on the exhibition floor to show other attendees what you’ve got. Since 1963, the Design Automation Conference (DAC) has been a place where people at the forefront of systems […]

Tell Your Story with Retractable Banner Stands

2015-02-05 |   Trade Show Displays

Trade show season is upon us, and we at eGenoa are pleased to share the technological innovations that make your trade show display more dazzling and easier to use. At the top of that list of our customers’ favorite tools is the practical retractable banner stand. Increasing numbers of trade show demonstrators are using retractable banner stands […]

Vistas and Visuals: Using Vehicle Wraps to Advertise

2014-12-30 |   eGenoa News , Vehicle Graphics

eGenoa knows talent and stunning visuals. So when Ginger of Sandprints Photography contacted the staff at eGenoa to come up with a plan to help her expand her visual presence around the Central Coast, it was a natural fit to pair the beautiful vistas and subjects of Sandprints Photography with the high-resolution vehicle wraps offered […]

Raising the Bar and Setting Standards with 3M

2014-12-23 |   eGenoa News

eGenoa’s surpassing quality and pride in its products is set by the example of our entire team. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, because we know it is the quality of our products and our clients’ belief in our ability that makes eGenoa who we are.  Yet, just as with any other professional […]

‘Tis the Season . . . Trade Show Season!!

2014-12-11 |   Trade Show Displays

As the end of the year draws near, it is important to plan ahead for all of the incredible trade show opportunities for the upcoming 2015 trade show season.  Don’t forget, the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco is just a few short weeks away, and the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas is fast […]

Working With Industry Leaders to Further Education

2014-12-09 |   eGenoa News

Living on the Central Coast affords many perks to the community—temperate weather, stunning views, friendly people, and a great opportunity for education.  With a world-class university right here in San Luis Obispo that offers degrees in many construction disciplines, it was a natural fit for eGenoa to work with Simpson Strong-Tie to revolutionize the educational […]

eGenoa Object Wraps

2014-12-04 |   Custom Printing , Custom Signs

Wrap your business with style and make a mark with eGenoa object wraps. While eGenoa is most well-known for its incredible tradeshow displays and vibrant vehicle wraps, the artists in the workshop can create a winning wrap for any object your business has in view of potential clients.  In earlier blogs, we have discussed the beautiful […]

Helping the Community Feel Good, as Well as Look Good

2014-11-25 |   eGenoa News

As a graphics company, it is eGenoa’s mission to make the businesses of the community and beyond look the best they can.  Our signs and vehicle graphics are tailor-made to deliver the exact message you wish to exhibit to your customers.  But as the holidays draw near, it is also the mission of this locally-based […]

Great products are only possible due to great tools

2014-11-20 |   Custom Printing

The talented artisans at eGenoa no doubt have the talent and skill to not only design gorgeous and eye-catching marketing displays, but the follow through of that vision is only possible due to the incredible tools which they have at their disposal. Just as an artist has his or her brushes, the designers at eGenoa […]

Build Your Brand: Invest in a State-of-the-Art Tradeshow Display

2014-11-18 |   eGenoa News , Trade Show Displays

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has announced they are expanding their collaboration beyond last year’s dual-expo with National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) to include access to a third tradeshow, the International Window Coverings Expo! What does this mean for you and your display dollar? It means you will be able to reach […]

Fancy Showpieces for Your Fancy Food

2014-11-11 |   Trade Show Displays

The Fancy Food Show is once again making its way to the west coast!! It’s time to make sure your company stands out amidst the sea of competitors attempting to reach your target audience, and eGenoa tradeshow materials are the best way to appeal to the widest breadth of potential clients. Our innovative graphics can […]

Signs, Signs, Everywhere there are Signs!

2014-11-06 |   Custom Signs

It seems that just about everywhere you turn, you can spot a sign. It may be a directional sign, a business name hanging over a doorway, or even a large banner advertising an upcoming event sprawling across the street. Signs are a quick way to effortlessly deliver messages to the public. They can be fabricated […]

Retail Signs, Your Greatest Asset in Maximizing Sales

2014-11-04 |   Custom Signs

Displaying effective signage is a necessity that no retailer can ignore. It is a sure way to attract customers, get you noticed, and above all, drive sales. Outdoor signage offers your first call to action. Utilizing creative, yet concise, outdoor signs is the best way to motivate potential customers to walk through your doors. (click on […]

Inflatable Signs at Egenoa

2014-07-30 |   eGenoa News

Are you ready to promote your business in a BIG WAY? Think big with giant inflatables! A product replica or logo can be transformed into larger than life inflatable, creating a marketing tool that is sure to get you noticed. All eyes will be on your business when you incorporate this dynamic method of enhancing […]


2014-05-06 |   eGenoa News

Graphic wraps are often considered only useful as a way to advertise on trucks and other vehicles. In reality, almost anything can be wrapped for a new fresh look to promote your business. In order to bring your business to the next level, you need to think out of the box. Consider applying graphics to […]

Why You Should Exhibit at a Trade Show

2012-08-16 |   Industry News

With 1000 exhibitors at a standard national trade show, you can expect around 10,000 to 12,000 attendees. With these numbers, you can assume around 300 to 400 of those visitors will stop at your booth. If you were to spend that time conducting cold calls, you would not come close to hitting those numbers. For […]

Trade Show Booth Etiquette: Sit or Stand?

2012-08-15 |   Industry News , Trade Show Displays

Long has there been a debate on whether or not it is appropriate to sit while exhibiting at a trade show. Yes the hours are long, you will probably be dressed nicely in uncomfortable shoes, and it will surely feel nice to have a chair available – but is it appropriate to sit when exhibiting? […]

Window Graphics attract New Customers

2011-09-21 |   Industry News

Applying graphics to your window space is a smart way to advertise. Windows provide an optimal surface area for graphics that often goes unused. Why not utilize your storefront or vehicle windows to attract the attention of your next customer? Various applications can be used on your windows to satisfy your particular needs. If you […]

Custom Printed Murals

2011-08-31 |   Industry News

Opening a new business or need a new look to your existing space? Custom printed murals are a cost effective option, offering dramatic results. Rooms can be easily transformed using photos or custom artistic renditions. It used to be that if you desired a custom printed mural, you needed to either hire a professional paint […]

Sidewalk Signs, an Easy Way to Advertise

2011-08-17 |   Industry News

Need a simple and cost effective way to advertise? Sidewalk signs are a tried and true means of communication.  It’s an easy way to get your message out to customers while they pass by on foot, bicycle or car. Sidewalk signs are most commonly used to advertise menus, special events, promotions, as tradeshow graphics, or […]

Keeping your Business Afloat with Simple Advertising

2011-08-03 |   Industry News

10 easy ways to get the word out about your business 1. Wrap your car. Create a moving billboard to advertise your business 24 hours a day. Let vehicle graphics are cost effective and proven to be successful. 2. Use sidewalk signs. Outdoor signs can be seen by cars and pedestrians. It can generate excitement […]

Menu Boards

2011-07-27 |   Industry News

You see them on sidewalks, hanging outside of a restaurant, or in the entrance of a restaurant. While servers and hostesses are capable of sharing specials with patrons, a professionally designed menu board can go a long way. Menu Boards are an effective communication tool to promote a special, or promote the atmosphere and restaurant […]

Point of Sale Graphics Still Serve a Purpose

2011-07-12 |   Industry News

Since the Internet has enabled consumers to research and buy products without ever going to a store, businesses have gradually shifted their marketing and advertising budgets online. Though online advertising has proven to be very effective, businesses should not neglect Point of Sale (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP) graphics in their stores. Regardless of […]

Turn on the Energy in Your Demeanor

2011-06-28 |   Industry News

Regular trade show exhibitors know the extensive preparation, time, and money that go into putting together a noticeable display. In addition to the equipment, props and materials presented, the development of a web and printed direct mailer, alerting customers of the upcoming event and selecting the winning prize for the giveaway you’ll be hosting are […]

Vehicle Graphics FAQs

2011-06-21 |   Vehicle Graphics

Q: What exactly is a car wrap? A: A car wrap is a digital color image printed on a vinyl adhesive covering, that is then applied to your vehicle. It is similar to a giant sticker. Q: Is the same material used on windows? A: No, the material applied to windows is different. Window Graphics […]

How to design your next banner

2011-06-14 |   Industry News

You want to get the most out of your advertisements. A banner is a relatively inexpensive, but effective way to deliver a message. Success can be achieved when following these simple steps when designing your next banner. 1. Good things DO come in BIG packages. Measure the space you have to hang your banner before […]

Tips on How to Choose a Logo for Your Business

2011-06-10 |   Industry News

Creating a logo is a crucial element of building a successful business. A logo creates brand recognition, encourages customer loyalty, and differentiates a business from the competition. There are several steps required in the development of a logo. An effective logo is key in helping the public remember your business. In order to make it […]

GenoaGraphix partnered with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo

2011-03-06 |   eGenoa News

GenoaGraphix partnered with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo for their Youth Career Exploration. High School students visited us for six weeks to learn more about graphics, sign making vehicle wraps and more. They learned what it is like to work in a business like ours and they were each able […]

Flag for the city of Pismo Beach

2010-11-12 |   eGenoa News

eGenoa produced and installed an outdoor Flag for the city of Pismo Beach at the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport. The Flag attractively greets visitors as they arrive and depart from San Luis Obispo. The creative design was done by TJA Advertising. eGenoa produces Signs, Trade Show Displays, Vehicle Graphics and Printed items for companies […]

eGenoa Exhibits at the Santa Maria Business Expo

2010-06-22 |   eGenoa News

eGenoa (GenoaGraphix) recently exhibited at the Santa Maria, CA Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo. This year’s theme was Western Style. The expo attracted businesses from Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. Rob Wilson, Account Executive, for eGenoa is seen wearing his Western gear. eGenoa produces Signs, Trade Show Displays, Vehicle Graphics and Printed items […]

Old Navy Graphics Install

2010-03-10 |   eGenoa News

eGenoa recently helped Old Navy rebrand their San Luis Obispo store with new colorful signs and graphics. These graphics will help their customers select new items and increase sales for Old Navy.

The Present and Future of Vehicle Graphics: Why car wraps are better than paint

2009-11-16 |   Vehicle Graphics

You need to jump start your business. The most logical first step is to advertise. According to a study held by the American Trucking Associations, 91% of people notice visuals and words displayed on trucks. Why not create a moving billboard? Turn your vehicle into a marketing machine! So, why should you get your car […]

Tips for the Small Business Owner on How to Prepare for a Trade Show

2009-03-23 |   Industry News , Trade Show Displays

Preparing for a trade show for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. The following are some ideas to assist you in getting ready for the big event. When deciding on how to present yourself and your products and/or services, you will need to ask yourself a series of questions regarding the trade show […]

GenoaGraphix Partners with South Seas for Private Labeling

2008-03-30 |   eGenoa News

San Luis Obispo, California – March 30, 2008: GenoaGraphix announced today that it has partnered with South Seas, of Ventura, California, to offer private labeling to its customers. GenoaGraphix has a long successful history of producing quality labels for food products. In this new joint venture, GenoaGraphix can now offer its customers a quality resource […]

eGenoa Now 3M Certified

2007-02-03 |   eGenoa News

San Luis Obispo, California – February 3, 2007: eGenoa is pleased to announce that it has earned certification by 3M as professional installers of fleet, marine and architectural graphics. Certified installers must meet a high standard of professionalism and installation skill to ensure a superior finished product. As a member of the 3M Organization, eGenoa is required […]

GenoaGraphix Partners With Big Brothers and Big Sisters

2007-01-02 |   eGenoa News

San Luis Obispo, California – January 2, 2007: eGenoa announced today that it has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County. They will donate a portion of each order to support the non-profit mentoring program. Big Brothers Big Sisters assist at risk children, helping them to overcome the many challenges they face. […]

Complete Vehicle Wraps Now Offered by eGenoa

2006-11-03 |   eGenoa News

eGenoa announced today that it is now offering complete vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps replace expensive custom paint jobs. The lower cost solution is used to create “moving billboards” for those seeking to promote their business. Vinyl material is placed on the car, covering the paint surface. The material is designed for long term use, but […]

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