Even with Signage, It’s What’s on the Inside that Matters Most

2015-05-06 |   Custom Signs

It’s easy to become fixated on getting the sign over your door to look absolutely perfect. After all, it’s the first thing people see when they pass by, or when they’ve read your glowing reviews online and are trying to find your storefront or office. An outdoor sign is the face of your business and one of your strongest marketing tools. This we know.

All the same, if a customer sees your glowingly professional outdoor sign, and then walks into a store full of mismatched and underdeveloped directions and promotions, your outdoor sign suddenly loses a lot of its allure. Good branding calls for continuity, and that means any signage that communicates a message to your customers needs to look the part.

To paraphrase Jeffrey Lebowski, good indoor signs really tie the room together.

The Dude

Indoor signs have the power to improve the way your customers see you as a professional. They can also help you meet your customers’ routine needs more smoothly and automatically. Having clearly visible, well-constructed directional signs, for example, can give your employees more time to make sales instead of having to explain where customers can find the deli counter or the bathroom. Good point of sale signs can draw customers into the right place to buy your products, and they won’t even have to worry about whether they’re standing in the right line.

Another upside of indoor signs is there is a lot more freedom to explore unique materials, colors, and fonts, and less need to protect against the elements. You can express your business’ personality using acrylic, wood, vinyl graphics, or whatever else strikes you as an enticing idea for department markers or promotional displays. Any sign maker worth his or her salt will be happy to help guide your creative vision and create indoor ambiance that will impress whoever walks through your door.

So don’t splurge on a high-quality outdoor sign only to skimp on what’s inside. Like our moms used to say, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

Funny Laundromat Sign

Our designers and graphic installation pros at eGenoa have ample experience designing compelling indoor graphics and signs for businesses all over San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast and even beyond…thanks to our belonging to the nationwide 3M network. Check out our portfolio for ideas about how indoor signs can amp up the authority of your business.

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