Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Marketing on the Go with Portable Displays

2015-09-15 |   Marketing , Trade Show Displays

A big tradeshow calls for major displays, which often need to be shipped off months ahead of time. But what about the smaller-scale events, like street festivals, chamber of commerce mixers, and other local events, that can still generate leads? You can create an A+ display that will make your business look brilliant without having […]

Things to Remember When Going Global with Trade Shows

2015-06-18 |   Trade Show Displays

Technology and increased opportunities for affordable travel have made it easier than ever to sell products all over the world. One way to break into or expand within the international market is to display at a major international trade show. While many of the biggest shows take place in the US, there are also some […]

Even Low-Lying Details Can Raise Your Bottom Line

2015-05-28 |   Trade Show Displays

When visitors step into your tradeshow display, are you truly inviting them into the world of your company and products? Within your trade show space, you have the opportunity not only to demonstrate how irresistible your products are, but also to really show what your company culture is all about. That effect doesn’t have to […]

Roll-Up Banners: Small Space, Big ROI

2015-05-18 |   Custom Signs , Trade Show Displays

When you have a good mind for marketing, you know that you need a variety of different sales-weapons in your arsenal in order to make the most of opportunities. Some situations call for large, impressive displays that tower overhead and draw eyes from all over a large room. Some events, however, call for something simpler. […]

Tradeshow Spotlight: April 2015 in Sin City

2015-03-25 |   Industry News , Trade Show Displays

With ten convention centers containing over 64 spaces for groups to meet, Las Vegas is a hopping tradeshow hub. According to the Las Vegas Tourism Authority, there were over 22,000 conventions held in Las Vegas in 2014. Whatever your industry or area of interest, chances are there will be a time that the lights of […]

What’s the Big Deal with Bamboo?

2015-03-18 |   Trade Show Displays

Let’s face it: using sustainable products can do some really great things for your bottom line. Many clients respect a company that shows concern for the environment, and the use of unique materials can often help you stand out from competitors. In fact, a 2014 Nielsen’s Study said that 42% of US consumers (and 55% […]

Make a Bold Statement with Trade Show Trusses

2015-03-03 |   Trade Show Displays

You’ve seen them at trade shows, drawing in high volumes of potential customers with impressive graphics that fill up all the available space. How do companies set up these jaw-dropping, full-sized booths that tower over the heads of show goers? While eGenoa’s retractable banner stands and table drapes are great supplementary pieces, if you really […]

5 Trade Show Best Practices: Exhibit Like a Boss

2015-02-24 |   Trade Show Displays

On a floor full of noise, impressive and colorful displays, and other entrepreneurs promoting their products, a trade show can be a daunting place to be successful and be seen. If you keep these five best-practices in your pocket, you can be more confident about having an outcome that improves your business image and bottom-line. […]

Show Off Your Electrical Systems Design with High Voltage Graphic Design

2015-02-17 |   Trade Show Displays

Preparations are well underway for the 52nd annual Design Automation Conference. This year it is taking place in San Francisco June 7-11, and there’s still room on the exhibition floor to show other attendees what you’ve got. Since 1963, the Design Automation Conference (DAC) has been a place where people at the forefront of systems […]

Tell Your Story with Retractable Banner Stands

2015-02-05 |   Trade Show Displays

Trade show season is upon us, and we at eGenoa are pleased to share the technological innovations that make your trade show display more dazzling and easier to use. At the top of that list of our customers’ favorite tools is the practical retractable banner stand. Increasing numbers of trade show demonstrators are using retractable banner stands […]

‘Tis the Season . . . Trade Show Season!!

2014-12-11 |   Trade Show Displays

As the end of the year draws near, it is important to plan ahead for all of the incredible trade show opportunities for the upcoming 2015 trade show season.  Don’t forget, the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco is just a few short weeks away, and the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas is fast […]

Build Your Brand: Invest in a State-of-the-Art Tradeshow Display

2014-11-18 |   eGenoa News , Trade Show Displays

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has announced they are expanding their collaboration beyond last year’s dual-expo with National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) to include access to a third tradeshow, the International Window Coverings Expo! What does this mean for you and your display dollar? It means you will be able to reach […]

Fancy Showpieces for Your Fancy Food

2014-11-11 |   Trade Show Displays

The Fancy Food Show is once again making its way to the west coast!! It’s time to make sure your company stands out amidst the sea of competitors attempting to reach your target audience, and eGenoa tradeshow materials are the best way to appeal to the widest breadth of potential clients. Our innovative graphics can […]

Trade Show Booth Etiquette: Sit or Stand?

2012-08-15 |   Industry News , Trade Show Displays

Long has there been a debate on whether or not it is appropriate to sit while exhibiting at a trade show. Yes the hours are long, you will probably be dressed nicely in uncomfortable shoes, and it will surely feel nice to have a chair available – but is it appropriate to sit when exhibiting? […]

Tips for the Small Business Owner on How to Prepare for a Trade Show

2009-03-23 |   Industry News , Trade Show Displays

Preparing for a trade show for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. The following are some ideas to assist you in getting ready for the big event. When deciding on how to present yourself and your products and/or services, you will need to ask yourself a series of questions regarding the trade show […]

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