Even Low-Lying Details Can Raise Your Bottom Line

2015-05-28 |   Trade Show Displays

Rollable Bamboo Flooring

When visitors step into your tradeshow display, are you truly inviting them into the world of your company and products?

Within your trade show space, you have the opportunity not only to demonstrate how irresistible your products are, but also to really show what your company culture is all about. That effect doesn’t have to just be reserved for the messages declared in banners and eye-level tradeshow displays. You can also show who you are as a company in the more low-level detail.

And that’s “low-level” in the most literal sense of the word. The right flooring can crank up the personality displayed in your space and communicate what you value to potential customers.

Bamboo flooring, in particular, says some very specifically positive things about you and your business:

You’re practical. Bamboo flooring has more tensile strength than steel, so it’s durable enough to bear the weight of thousands of conference attendees throughout the day. It’s also flexible and lightweight, making it easier to pack and transport.

You care about the environment. Compared to most trees used for wood products, bamboo grows back and matures much more quickly. That means it’s a more renewable, sustainable resource than wood. Bamboo also soaks up more carbon and produces more oxygen than many other trees.

You pay attention to what customers want. As mentioned in an earlier blog touting the benefits of bamboo, an increasing number of consumers worldwide seek out companies that demonstrate environmental responsibility. Your bamboo floor sends a message that says you get what today’s consumer wants and you are ready to meet them at their level.

When you invite a customer into the world of your company, you want them to drink in their surroundings and stay awhile. If nothing unique jumps out at them, though, they might just take a brochure and move on to another booth.

Things that you might think are no big deal have the power to capture show-goers’ interests.  

Most salespeople know that psychology is always at play when it comes to buying and selling. Someone could be captivated by a color, a word, or even a silent message they get from your display materials. Something as basic as the sustainable flooring they’re standing on can be the tipping point that turns a window-shopper into a paying customer.

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