Make a Bold Statement with Trade Show Trusses

2015-03-03 |   Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Truss Display

You’ve seen them at trade shows, drawing in high volumes of potential customers with impressive graphics that fill up all the available space. How do companies set up these jaw-dropping, full-sized booths that tower over the heads of show goers?

While eGenoa’s retractable banner stands and table drapes are great supplementary pieces, if you really want to wow potential customers at the next trade show, trusses are the way to go. Our online store offers a range of full size trusses for trade shows and also provides different design options and accessories to customize the look of your booth.

For instance, the EZ Truss Slate Display System is an excellent space-defining truss system. Measuring at 10 x 20 feet, its rectangular shape offers space for banners and graphics to support the promotion of your company. One of our largest trusses, the pieces are shipped to you in a molded case via Freight Carrier to prevent damage in transit and comes with specific instructions for how to put it together.

Most of our available truss systems allow you to customize your trusses by color, size, and lighting options. Additionally, many allow you the option of including laptop shelves and plasma mounts so that you can include a multimedia display within your booth. We also sell additional laptop counters if your display calls for the added support.

EZ Truss Tahoe Trade Show DisplaySimple, easy-to-assemble trusses that work well for small spaces are also available through our store. One example is the EZ Truss Tahoe Display, which presents itself as an arc backdrop behind a central laptop podium. A major advantage to this more compact system is the fact that it can be set up in minutes without the need for any special technical knowledge or the use of tools.

If you are interested in one of these impressive truss displays, but worried you don’t have the images to back it up, let eGenoa help. Our design team is highly experienced with professional tradeshow displays and offers affordable design packages to enhance your booth. Best of all, these packages are tailored specifically for the individual truss system that you choose for your booth, along with the option to add extra graphics to the design.

So while you browse through our large display options in search of the perfect trade show presentation, keep trusses in mind as an effective way to stand out.

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