Changeable and A-Frame Business Signs: Endless Possibilities to Engage

2015-03-09 |   Custom Signs

A-frame boards are commonly placed out on the sidewalk to draw pedestrians’ attention to sales, special offerings, or even just the fact that the place is open for business. But since so many other business have the same idea, how can you make your business stand out?

If you follow trends on the internet (or if you follow us on Pinterest), you will probably have noticed how the classic a-frame, also known as the “sandwich board”, is being used in increasingly humorous ways.

For example, pubs, bars, and even restaurants often have the easiest and most ample opportunities to draw in customers with humor.

Funny Sidewalk Sign for a Bar

Husband Daycare Center Bar Sign

There are plenty of opportunities for other businesses to jump in on this trend, too. All it takes is a little bit of creativity.

Flow Yoga Ad Sign

Even a larger outdoor sign can incorporate changeable sign elements. That way, if the joke doesn’t quite go over the way you want it to, it can be swapped out for something else. Contact our team to design the right outdoor sign to draw eyes to your business.

Throw Rocks at Girls Jewelry Store Sign

At eGenoa, we have multiple options for sidewalk signs. Customizable options include our dry erase a-frame where you can unleash new creative thoughts on a daily basis. For $179, it includes a black frame that is sturdy enough to stand up against wind as well as four dry erase markers to get you started.

Roses are Red, Poems are Hard...

We also have a-frame sidewalk signs that can be top-loaded or side-loaded with a more permanent graphic. Each of these signs includes the frame itself along with whatever graphic is your top priority. The signs inserted into these solid frames are printed on durable vinyl via our high-resolution printers for the most vibrant, sharp, and eye-catching image.

Our eGenoa design team also has options for extra graphics so you can swap out your standard sign for ones advertising special sales or promotions. Or you can purchase an extra graphic if you want to test the market to see if it gels with your sense of humor.

Walkens Welcome Funny Barber Shop Sidewalk Sign

So when you have more compact, less expensive sign options, you can actually embrace the chance to inject your personality into your signage without taking too big of a risk. Our pros would be happy to help you decide which a-frame best suits your business.

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