How Business Owners Can Use Pinterest for Marketing Ideas

How Business Owners Can Use Pinterest for Marketing Ideas

2015-08-25 |   Marketing

Pinterest for business marketing ideas

You may think of Pinterest as a place where your aunt can find casserole recipes or your sister-in-law can post pictures of her knitting projects, but there is much, much more to it than that.

Business owners are increasingly seeing the power of Pinterest to inspire eye-catching marketing ideas. Designers, major companies, artists, and small businesses from all different backgrounds use Pinterest to show off their own graphics as well as others’ ad campaigns, signs, and logos.

Getting Started with Pinterest

Pinterest is a system of “pins” and “boards” where businesses and everyday people can share images and organize ideas. You can choose either to open an individual account or a business account. If you are just looking for some good ideas to get inspired (and maybe want to check out those casserole recipes later), an individual account is probably your best bet. If you are looking to use another free resource to attract clients, however, joining as a business is a must.

Follow Pinterest Boards Relevant to Your Business

Any large company worth the bandwith will have a Pinterest account, and smaller companies are jumping on the bandwagon as well. Following businesses in your industry can be as easy as searching for those businesses by name on Pinterest. For instance, as 3M Certified installers, we follow the 3M company’s Pinterest board for examples of graphic installations in our network.

Keep an eye out for the red “P” logo on websites you frequent. That way, all you have to do is click that icon to follow the company’s page, giving you a straightforward way to see what everyone is up to. Checking out a rival food truck’s menu boards on Pinterest might give you a great idea to bring more customers to your window next Saturday afternoon.

Finding Graphics Ideas for Your Next Project on Pinterest

Let’s use the example of vehicle wraps to talk about how to find ideas on Pinterest. Once you have explored different boards from designers, competitors, and other companies, you can also use the search bar to find Pins the same way you would use Google search to find websites. Type “vehicle wrap” or “vehicle graphic” into the search bar, and then narrow it down by adding your industry. “Vehicle wrap restaurant” or “vehicle wrap exterminator” will bring up different vehicles for you to browse. Pinterest even separates each word of the search term, so if you find that one word is limiting the results, all you have to do is press the little “x” next to it and it’ll be gone.

While you’re at it, of course, remember to follow eGenoa on Pinterest to see stunning graphic wraps, guerrilla marketing campaigns, and a lot more.

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