Reusable Outdoor Advertising Tools

Reusable Outdoor Advertising Tools

2015-08-04 |   Custom Signs

reusable outdoor advertising tools

During the spring, summer, and even early fall there are many opportunities for you to go out into the community and strut your business stuff at farmer’s markets, street fairs, concerts, and county fairs. Unfortunately, everyone else will be out there, too, competing for space and the limited attention of potential customers. While you may not want anything too pricey for a mere temporary display, you will probably want tools to catch the eye.

The savvy business owner has a few high-exposure, highly reusable graphic advertisements up his or her sleeve for outdoor advertising. Here are a few creative and economical options to set you apart from the rest.

1) Fun with Inflatables

Do you have a fun logo, mascot, or interesting-looking product? A giant inflatable replica might be the perfect way to draw people to check out what you’re selling. It’s hard not to take a second look at a giant ice cream cone or cell phone, and it can be a great conversation piece to start off your sales pitch.

2) Ultra-portable Graphic-Wrapped Vehicles

If you are a caterer or restaurant, outreach can be a vital part of your marketing game. Even restaurants with a brick and mortar location can benefit from some high profile, vehicle-based food sales. Not selling corn dogs or cookie-wiches? Incorporating your vehicle into your display can be as easy as parking behind your booth. That way, crowds walking along both the front and back can see your business name and logo.

3) Fly Your Banner Year Round

Banners are a low-cost way to advertise sales, specials, contests, and featured products. Particularly flag-style banners with sturdy bases are easy to set out in front of your booth, and are perfect for featuring one time specials, or simply to advertise a clearance. You can easily set these same flags outside your store front in the off-season.

4) Funny, Foldable A-Frames

A simple a-frame or sandwich board can extend your message beyond the front of your booth or kiosk. That way, customers who are already in line won’t be blocking all your signage from the view of other customers who may not know about you yet. Customizable a-frames also make it simple for you to change out, or even simply erase a dry erase sign and make room for a new message.

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