eGenoa Object Wraps

eGenoa Object Wraps

2014-12-04 |   Custom Printing , Custom Signs

Wrap your business with style and make a mark with eGenoa object wraps.

While eGenoa is most well-known for its incredible tradeshow displays and vibrant vehicle wraps, the artists in the workshop can create a winning wrap for any object your business has in view of potential clients.  In earlier blogs, we have discussed the beautiful work the Roland Soljet Pro III XJ printer produces for our designs and how these products can be put on units as large as the Tapit Brewery towers.  However, it is also capable of producing the same high-quality images for smaller, more detailed objects.

A few examples of some custom object wraps we’ve done…

[envira-gallery id=”470″]

You are just as active as your business, and eGenoa is already at the forefront of the vehicle wrap industry to provide your products or services with the organic and natural advertising that can be achieved with your company cars.  Yet, those same images can be put on delivery trucks and other fleet vehicles to give your business the same impact as the multi-national companies—such as UPS, FedEx, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart.  All of those businesses use their fleets as moving billboards to create a constant imprint upon their client base.  Your logo and brand can achieve the same success at the local level by simply making sure everyone sees them wherever they drive.

eGenoa can also create the same visual impact on a smaller scale.  Imagine using the same tools as large companies do, with their vertical billboards in Times Square or Hollywood.  Your business can use the sides of your own building as a mural; or the pillars, tables, and trash bins in front of your business can be utilized as a canvas to create an advertising punch that will have you standing out from your competition.

Also, with the Central Coast being such a vibrant community, there are so many opportunities for your business to reach out to consumers and their active lifestyles.  Wraps can also be produced for helmets, skis, trailers, small vehicles, or any other surface that offers the unique opportunity of reaching customers in places they wouldn’t expect.

Your business needs to remain fluid and proactive in the constant competition for the consumer dollar. eGenoa can help you achieve success by supplying you with the tools to reach a wider client base while maximizing your advertising dollar.

Call and speak to the helpful staff at eGenoa and see how we can help your business today!

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