Helping the Community Feel Good, as Well as Look Good

Helping the Community Feel Good, as Well as Look Good

2014-11-25 |   eGenoa News

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of SLO County

As a graphics company, it is eGenoa’s mission to make the businesses of the community and beyond look the best they can.  Our signs and vehicle graphics are tailor-made to deliver the exact message you wish to exhibit to your customers.  But as the holidays draw near, it is also the mission of this locally-based company to make a difference and help the community grow strong for years to come.

eGenoa achieves this lofty promise by reaching out into the community and doing what it can to aid the youth of today as they strive to become the leaders of tomorrow.  eGenoa has partnered with Big Brothers & Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo to bring local high school students together to learn exactly what it is that eGenoa does and how it serves the community.  Over the course of six weeks the students were able to learn the ins and outs of the graphics business, from design and art, to printing and manufacturing.  This hand in hand tutorial allowed the students to become familiar with a marketable skill of a local company, and create their very own sign to take home.

This program also benefited the eGenoa company by giving it the opportunity to mentor the future work force of the Central Coast and help ensure the prolonged productivity of our small corner of the globe.  The Big Brothers & Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo have been offering the gift of mentorship to the youth of the Central Coast for years and eGenoa is very proud to have joined in this noble effort – allowing young people to develop skills and find outlets other than those that may lead to a difficult path.

eGenoa is looking forward to many more partnerships with Big Brothers & Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo, and numerous other organizations that make a point of strengthening this incredible community in which we all live.  But for now, take this time of the holidays to enjoy your own family and friends and know that eGenoa will always do its part to help the community become stronger and better displayed as we approach the new year.

Happy Holidays from the eGenoa family!!

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