Matte is the New Black for Vehicle Wraps

Matte is the New Black for Vehicle Wraps

2015-07-14 |   Vehicle Graphics

BMW E71 X6

With roadways full of glossy paint jobs, a “less is more” approach to vehicle wrapping can really catch the eye. That is part of why the matte finish has been popular since the mid 2000s and why, whether you are advertising on the Central Coast of California or anywhere else in the USA, it’s a look that can set you apart.

What is a matte vinyl wrap?

A matte finish subdues the gloss that characterizes most vehicles’ paint jobs. The 3M company produces the highest quality matte vinyl, which is applied as a solid sheet with no need for an over-laminate. This vinyl adheres to the vehicle with pressure-activated adhesive, so it goes on as smoothly as any other 3M wrap. The result is a seamless, rich matte finish that makes your vehicle look solid as a tank or fighter jet.

Who should use matte vinyl wraps?

Since we all know different colors attract different customers, a matte finish won’t be the right fit for every business. Car-crazy celebrities such as Flo Rida, Kanye West, and professional rally driver Ken Block have used black matte to emulate the sleek power of stealth bombers. If you want your business to convey strength, muscle, and durability, black matte might be the right choice for you. Matte wraps are also available in other colors such as green, though black remains the most popular choice.

A high-quality vehicle wrap can be one of the most ingenious marketing investments you can make.

Since the 90s, vehicle graphic wrapping has grown more than 20% in terms of how much business owners have been willing to spend. The impact of this form of advertising is easy to see. Graphic wrapped cars stand out from their solid color compatriots on the highways and city streets, drawing the eyes of thousands of people every day. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America released statistics wherein 30% of Americans claimed they were influenced to buy a product or service from a vehicle graphic wrap.

Whether you choose a 3M matte vinyl finish or would prefer to go with a different color or gloss pattern, wraps represent a cost-effective, striking marketing tactic. Our professionals will set up your vehicle or fleet of vehicles with a finish free of flaws or air bubbles so you can get out there and start snagging more customers.

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