Graphic Wrap Removal: Easy with 3M Certified Professionals

Graphic Wrap Removal: Easy with 3M Certified Professionals

2015-09-09 |   Vehicle Graphics

egenoa wrap removalIt’s been proven over and over again that getting a graphic wrap for your car will help your bottom line. Just by going about your daily business of driving around town and parking in front of your home and business can get make between 30,000-70,000 impressions on potential customers per day.

Getting your entire car covered with a vinyl graphic wrap can seem like a major commitment. You may be wondering what you will do if the name or logo for your business changes or if you feel like getting a new car to replace the one that you currently have.

So, are you married to your vehicle wrap for life?

Short answer: NO! You have the freedom to change your mind about what goes onto your vehicle. In fact, choosing a graphic wrap can even help preserve the value of your car, all the while getting the most bang for your marketing budget possible.

3M certified work helps you to keeps your options open.

If you get your vinyl wraps installed and removed by a place that is 3M certified (like we are), you can have confidence that both procedures will go well. A worldwide network guarantees the wrap, so you can trust that there won’t be any air bubbles or seams that show. 3M certified professionals design graphic wraps in a way that allows them to be applied without sticky primers and permanent adhesives. Instead, the vinyl itself is applied and removed using heat.

This means, when the graphic wrap is removed, no damaging adhesive will be left behind. This is especially true when technicians that are a part of the 3M network remove these wraps. Which leads to the next high point…

Your graphic wrap can help improve your car’s resale value.

Think about it: a vinyl cover will be wrapped (not glued) around the body of your car. This means the paint job underneath is protected from the elements by the wrap itself. Having a shinier paint job will help your vehicle’s resale value if you ever do decide to have the vehicle wrap removed.

So if you have been putting off getting a graphic wrap because you are worried about permanent damage to your car, fear not. Using a 3M certified company do the work for you can offer more freedom and possibilities. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the effects of graphic wrapping.

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