Tips on How to Choose a Logo for Your Business

2011-06-10 |   Industry News

Creating a logo is a crucial element of building a successful business. A logo creates brand recognition, encourages customer loyalty, and differentiates a business from the competition. There are several steps required in the development of a logo.

An effective logo is key in helping the public remember your business. In order to make it a successful marketing tool, you must first do your homework. Check out your competition. Get a detailed look at how the competition is showcasing themselves. Determine how you would like to differentiate your business. These differences can be conveyed in your design.

Next, decide the mood you would like to set for your business. Do you want to be construed as fun, serious, modern, traditional, edgy, or wholesome? A good logo design will illustrate the “feeling” of your company by effectively using style and color. Remember to evaluate the use of certain colors in your industry. Are there any colors that might provide a positive, or perhaps a negative connotation in relation to your business?

You will also want to think about what information you would like to appear as part of your logo. Most commonly, the business name will appear with a logo. Sometimes you will find a business address or phone number along with the logo as well. This is not always a good idea. Sometimes, businesses move, phone numbers change, etc.. Having to change the logo in this situation is a headache that can be avoided.

It is also smart to decide on a budget. Think about how much you want to spend on the project. This will dictate how extensive of a design you can acquire.

Finally, find a professional. A good graphic artist can translate your interpretation and desires into a completed logo that you will be proud of. If your not satisfied with the first attempt, don’t be ashamed to speak up. Good communication is vital in this creative process.

Following these simple steps will assist in creating a logo that will correctly convey your message. Once you have decided on a logo, it is time to get it out there. Print stationary, signs and advertisements. Get your business noticed!

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