How to design your next banner

2011-06-14 |   Industry News

You want to get the most out of your advertisements. A banner is a relatively inexpensive, but effective way to deliver a message. Success can be achieved when following these simple steps when designing your next banner.

1. Good things DO come in BIG packages. Measure the space you have to hang your banner before determining dimensions. The larger the banner is, the more noticeable it will be. The lettering and images will also be larger, allowing for a clear message to be delivered. Also, consider where you will be hanging the banner. How far away will your potential customer be from the sign? The farther away, the larger the banner should be in order for it to be legible. Be sure to ask your designer and printer about proper sizing standards.

2. Pick pick colors that will stand out. Bright vibrant colors that contrast nicely work the best. Consider color combinations such as blue and yellow, red and yellow, or green and blue. Soft muted colors are difficult to read, and are not eye catching. It is best to stay clear of them.

3. When it comes to your verb-age, less is more. Think about where you are hanging your banner, and the approximate time a potential client has to actually read it. Will it be posted at a stop sign, for instance? Usually, you have only 2-3 seconds to catch a person’s attention. Make those seconds count, and keep the message short but sweet. Limit fine detail, as it will be lost in translation. A simple slogan and website or phone number will work best.

4. Pick the proper material to be used on your banner. You need to decide if you require an outside or inside banner, the type of elements the banner might be exposed to, and for how long you plan on hanging it. All of these details play a part in determining the material and inks your project will require.

5. How will you hang your banner. Depending on your site, it may be best to hang your banner using preinstalled grommets or utilizing poles inserted into prefabricated pole pockets. Maybe, you require both if you plan on moving your banner around. Consider these options, and discuss it with your designer and printer at the beginning of your project.

Following these simple steps will assure that you will get the most attention out of your next banner!

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