The Present and Future of Vehicle Graphics: Why car wraps are better than paint

The Present and Future of Vehicle Graphics: Why car wraps are better than paint

2009-11-16 |   Vehicle Graphics

Yogurt Creations Vehicle Wrap Advertising Message

You need to jump start your business. The most logical first step is to advertise. According to a study held by the American Trucking Associations, 91% of people notice visuals and words displayed on trucks. Why not create a moving billboard? Turn your vehicle into a marketing machine!

So, why should you get your car wrapped instead of merely painting it? There are many logical reasons why utilizing vinyl graphics is the smarter way to go. First of all, and sometimes most importantly, you can save yourself a pretty penny. Vehicle wraps can be up to half the cost of professional paint jobs!

A vehicle wrap will also allow you to have more control over the process. You can work with a graphic artist, instructing the message you want conveyed. It is standard to see a proof before the vinyl is printed. If something is not right, then it can be fixed. What you see is what you get. This flexibility is not always possible with a hand paint job. Once the artist has painted a vehicle, it is on there, and not always adjustable.

Another good reason to get your car wrapped rather than painted is due to the fact you will maintain a higher trade-in or resale value. The vinyl used in car wraps, if high quality and applied correctly, will actually protect your paint. When you go to turn your car in or sell it, you can simply have the car wrap removed. This especially works well for leased vehicles. If you have a graphic paint job, the solution is not as easy. The entire visual will need to be sanded down and repainted. You will surely get more money for a vehicle that is free on company information and logos.

Get your vehicle noticed, and go about it the smart way. Look into getting your car wrapped. Ultimately, you’ll make money and save money!

Allison Ferroggiaro

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