Inflatable Signs at Egenoa

Inflatable Signs at Egenoa

2014-07-30 |   eGenoa News

Inflatable Outdoor Displays

Are you ready to promote your business in a BIG WAY?

Think big with giant inflatables! A product replica or logo can be transformed into larger than life inflatable, creating a marketing tool that is sure to get you noticed.

All eyes will be on your business when you incorporate this dynamic method of enhancing your advertising campaign. Your product or service becomes larger than life, attracting attention while dramatically increasing visibility and maximizing overall brand awareness.

Easily add excitement to your next event with a portable display. Durable and simple to use, all inflatables come with a carry case and inflate within minutes. Simply plug it in and watch the inflatable come to life. The one­piece construction requires no assembly, and the base of the inflatable is actually the carry case! When you are done, simply deflate, roll up the inflatable, include the blower and zip! The effortless system makes it the perfect solution for any tradeshow or event that requires travel.

Top 5 Reasons to Add Inflatables to Your Marketing Strategy

SLO Brew Inflatable Beer Pint Display1. Gain Exposure from a Distance

Put your inflatable logo, mascot or product replica on top of your retail location. Yes, this is a classic technique, but one that has never lost its effectiveness. Hang your inflatable display from the ceiling above your tradeshow booth, encouraging visitors to stroll over to your location.

2. Maximize Your Marketing

Inflatables hold a lot of promotional power, so use them to provide a maximum impact that is sure to allure new clients. Unlike ordinary signage and posters, inflatables are three dimensional, adding a huge advantage to visual marketing.

3. Promote Customer Interaction

Inflatables truly give you enormous flexibility during marketing events, as they not only attract attention simply standing steadfast, but also promote customer interaction. They are a fun and exciting way to encourage photographs, and a great way to create a buzz. Inflatables have a history of creating a great emotional connection with customers.

4. Affordable

From tradeshows to internal corporate functions, you will find inflatables to be an affordable, functional asset for all of your event marketing needs. Custom inflatables are flexible enough to accommodate any type of event with a fresh new approach.

5. Easy to Use

Custom inflatable replicas look just like the real thing, but weigh significantly less, and are easy to ship from location to location.You will save time and manpower with the inflatable system. In just minutes after plugging in, your marketing tool will come to life!

Let us assist you in attracting new customers and help you promote business growth with impressive inflatable marketing tools. Visit for more information.

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