2014-05-06 |   eGenoa News

Grocery Store Wall Wrap Display

Graphic wraps are often considered only useful as a way to advertise on trucks and other vehicles. In reality, almost anything can be wrapped for a new fresh look to promote your business.

Pepsi Floor Graphic

In order to bring your business to the next level, you need to think out of the box. Consider applying graphics to your trailer, motorcycle, helmet, dune buggy, marine vehicle, walls, windows, counter tops, food carts, even flooring. The possibilities are endless!

Motorcycle Helmet Wrap

Custom wraps allow you to transform any surface in your commercial space into something extraordinary! Get creative with your advertising and get noticed in a big way. Media space is limited and expensive, so get the most out of your commercial area. The 3M material that eGenoa uses to wrap can be described as a giant decal, or sticker if you will. Our creative team can design the wrap to grab your target customers’ attention, and then professionally apply the material to ultimately promote your business. Whether you are looking for a clean polished look, or a fun whimsical feel, our team is here to assist you in reaching your goals.

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Wraps are a cost-effective and dynamic way to build brand recognition. Targeting your audience has never been easier. Stop wasting time on traditional advertising that is costly and ineffective! Wraps are easily becoming the most cost effective way to get your company noticed. Get wrapped- you’ll turn heads, and ultimately profits!

Wrap it today at eGenoa, LLC, your first and only stop for all of your advertising needs.


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