Why You Should Exhibit at a Trade Show

Why You Should Exhibit at a Trade Show

2012-08-16 |   Industry News

Simpson Strong-Tie Tradeshow Display

With 1000 exhibitors at a standard national trade show, you can expect around 10,000 to 12,000 attendees. With these numbers, you can assume around 300 to 400 of those visitors will stop at your booth. If you were to spend that time conducting cold calls, you would not come close to hitting those numbers. For that reason, exhibiting at a trade show offers the perfect opportunity to get the word out about your products or services.

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to impress both existing and prospective customers. The ability to attract new business at these events requires a booth that instantly conveys your message.

When discussing your business with prospective customers, you are building relationships. Even though having discussions with attendees may be more difficult than other circumstances, you ARE getting the valuable opportunity to present yourself and your business, which is vital in establishing a working relationship.

Remember, if you are not exhibiting at key trade shows, and miss the opportunity to build those valuable relationships, your competition will surely benefit. Without a presence, your competition will have the chance to sell to new prospects and perhaps entice your existing customers to purchase from them. Of course, it is not practical to exhibit in every trade show, but do your research then make sure you participate in the shows that are crucial to your industry.

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