Keeping your Business Afloat with Simple Advertising

2011-08-03 |   Industry News

Honda Element Vehicle Wrap

10 easy ways to get the word out about your business

1. Wrap your car. Create a moving billboard to advertise your business 24 hours a day. Let vehicle graphics are cost effective and proven to be successful.

2. Use sidewalk signs. Outdoor signs can be seen by cars and pedestrians. It can generate excitement and alert your existing and future customers of sales and promotions.

3. Get a new outdoor sign. You would be surprised how many people notice when a new sign is displayed above a business. Use effective colors and design to let customers know who you are and where to find you.

4. Use effective Point of Sale material. Well developed items such as point of sale posters are crucial in letting customers know where to find your products.

5. Exhibit at trade shows and fairs that pertain to your industry. It is important to have a presence in your industry shows. Remember, even if you’re not there, your competitors will be.

6. Utilize window graphics. Your storefront windows are an effective and easy place to advertise.

7. Have a professional website to share with prospects. In this day and age, it is important to show you are a progressive company and are moving with technology. Your customers are likely to visit your website, and will share what they find with others.

8. Create a simple but catchy brochure. Brochures are any easy way to explain who you are and what you have to offer in a concise professional demeanor.

9. Send out postcards. Postcards are cost effective in both fabrication and mailing. It is a simple and quick way to remind customers what you have to offer.

10. Develop sales sheets. Effective sales sheets complete with images and descriptions will make selling your products and services that much easier. Prospective customers will be happy to have a quick reference sheet to remember your business by.

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