Menu Boards

2011-07-27 |   Industry News

You see them on sidewalks, hanging outside of a restaurant, or in the entrance of a restaurant. While servers and hostesses are capable of sharing specials with patrons, a professionally designed menu board can go a long way. Menu Boards are an effective communication tool to promote a special, or promote the atmosphere and restaurant in general to people as they are traveling/walking by.

Menu Boards are identical to other forms of commercial signage, due to the fact that each element that goes into the board/sign, must have a purpose. Using the proper colors, fonts, texture, etc, will produce a professionally and aesthetically appealing menu board to a desired target audience. One of the main reasons for menu boards are to emphasize what and where the customer wants to eat, therefore, the menu board should be designed from the perception of the target audience you want to attract the most.

A menu board should be easy-to-read as well as visually appealing to prospective, passing-by patrons. Therefore, text size, color, and style are very important. A successful menu board should be scannable and appealing at a quick glance, luring the prospect into wanting to find out more.

Businesses should allot enough budget to ensure these boards/signs are designed and produced professionally to maximize your sales potential. eGenoa offers several quality and highly practical options to meet business needs. Start luring customers in today!

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