One Way or Another, Color Affects Your Customers

2015-06-26 |   Custom Printing

Paint Colors

When you think of good advertising colors, do you always go bright and flashy? Do you prefer something muted and subdued? Or do you shy away from using color altogether?

Regardless of your own preference, what matters most is what will appeal to your customers. The CCI Institute for Color Research reports that between 60-90% or a person’s initial evaluation of a product is based on color alone. Based on those statistics, the colors you choose for your graphic wraps and signs are crucial to your sales.

The old-school approach to color was the idea that certain colors signify different meanings according to different cultures. For example, in the West, the color white is a symbol of purity and is used for bridal gowns; however, in East Asian cultures, white traditionally is used for funerals and brides still often don red gowns instead.

Now, though, different cultures have blended the meanings of these colors together.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Color for Your Brand or Product

  1. Is it appropriate for your product?

You may love bold reds and the drama of thick black lines, but if your business is selling organic baby food or puppy-sitting, you might need to go a little outside your comfort zone. Run the color combination by your audience, maybe via Facebook or Twitter, and ask what it makes them think about. If your favorite colors rub your intended customers the wrong way, try something else.

  1. Is it easy to read?

A bright yellow set against a muted red background might look fine on your computer, but your customers might have a hard time seeing your sign from the highway. You might like both the green and the blue, but do they contrast enough to convey your message?

  1. Will it look good at different sizes?

Your combination of colors may look amazing as a decal on the side of your vehicle or on your shop window. Will it still look good when you scale it down to fit on your brochures or other marketing materials? Try it at a couple of different sizes and get a second opinion from a professional on whether your chosen color combination will scale well.

With globalization complicating the way we view symbols, the traditional way of thinking about color might not be so “black and white” (wink), but feedback from professional designers as well as your audience can help you make the right choice.

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