Complete Vehicle Wraps Now Offered by eGenoa

Complete Vehicle Wraps Now Offered by eGenoa

2006-11-03 |   eGenoa News

eGenoa announced today that it is now offering complete vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps replace expensive custom paint jobs. The lower cost solution is used to create “moving billboards” for those seeking to promote their business. Vinyl material is placed on the car, covering the paint surface. The material is designed for long term use, but can be professionally removed, if desired, after an advertising campaign is completed. Vehicle wraps can be completed on any type of vehicle, such as box trucks, fleet trucks, or everyday family cars.

“Vehicle wraps are a cost effective way to promote your business,” said Paul Ferroggiaro, founder of eGenoa. “We are excited to offer our customers a progressive way to advertise their business and create brand awareness everyday, all day, wherever they go.”

Custom Designed Vehicle Graphics

The creative department at eGenoa designs custom graphics that will produce eye-catching results. The image and message desired, as well as the vehicle make, shape, and size, will determine the style of graphics. eGenoa believes in solid communication with its clients, working with them throughout the entire creative process.


Customers can rest assured that eGenoa will produce a vehicle wrap to be proud of. Only top of the line materials will be used. Application will be completed only by trained professionals.

eGenoa was established in San Francisco in 1990, and has earned a reputation for service and reliability. Today, the company ensures customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships by being responsive to clients’ needs. eGenoa offers a complete line of creative services, vehicle wraps, trade show displays, printing, catalogs, and signs.

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