Window Graphics attract New Customers

2011-09-21 |   Industry News

Window Graphics

Applying graphics to your window space is a smart way to advertise. Windows provide an optimal surface area for graphics that often goes unused. Why not utilize your storefront or vehicle windows to attract the attention of your next customer?

Various applications can be used on your windows to satisfy your particular needs. If you want to deliver a quick message, you should consider vinyl text that can be applied to any window. Choose a font that is easily read and is thick enough, and large enough, to be seen effortlessly by those passing by. Perhaps you are looking for more of a dramatic image? In this case, go with “window perf,” or images printed on perforated vinyl material. The outsider looking in will not be able to see through the material. It simply appears to be a large solid graphic. However, there are tiny holes in the material that allow those on the other side of the window to see out. This makes the material the perfect selection for vehicle windows. It also works well on storefront windows that let in too much sun.

Be sure to use a professional company to help you design and install window graphics. This is your chance to catch the eye of prospective customers- don’t leave them with the wrong impression. eGenoa is a 3M certified installer, and has a strong history of creating window graphics to be proud of.


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