5 Reasons to Choose a 3M Certified Installer

2015-04-14 |   Vehicle Graphics

3M Certified Graphics Installers

Graphics wraps installers are all over the place, but how do you know which one to choose? We suggest a pretty straightforward sorting method: whether or not that installer is 3M Certified. This certification is one of the ways we at eGenoa stand out from the crowd, and here are five reasons why we think that it’s so important.

1.  3M, as a company, is kind of a big deal.

3M is an international corporation responsible for many of the products we use every day. While you might recognize their name from the side of your Scotch tape roll or slab of safety glass, 3M also produces many of the materials used in creating and installing vehicle graphics. That makes 3M pretty much the ultimate in deciding whether a company is qualified to be a certified installer.

2.  Your installer will meet (and beat) the definition of “pro.”

­­A 3M Certified company must have at least one person on staff who has qualified as a 3M Preferred Installer. To get this designation, the installer has to pass a two-day test that includes demonstrating vehicle-wrapping skills on all kinds of different surfaces, both rough and smooth. On top of this, for the company to be 3M Certified, it must submit multiple references, have been in business for three years or more, and undergo ongoing interviews and onsite tests to retain certification. Both the company and the individual installers are required to prove year after year that they have what it takes to be 3M Preferred and Certified.

3.  Wherever you are in the country, you can get the same quality.

There is a network of 3M Preferred Installers and 3M Certified Companies that spans the United States. This means that you can order a product from our 3M Certified Company in San Luis Obispo on the central coast of California, and then have it installed by another 3M Certified Company on the opposite end of the country, or vice-versa.

4.  You are eligible for protection under 3M warranties.

There are different warranties to choose from when it comes to 3M, but each one of them includes the guarantee that physical defects will be replaced and repaired. So not only do you have whatever guarantees the individual company gives you, but you also have the promise that the high standards of an international company will be met.

5.  You’ll know that you’re dealing with graphics installers that really care about the work.

To be a regular graphics installer, you don’t really have to do any of this stuff. The professionals at eGenoa have gone above and beyond “have to” and conform to the highest possible standards of quality. The evidence? We’re on our 8th year of 3M Certification and are the only company from Lompoc to Pleasanton to be recognized by both 3M and the UASG (United Applications Standards Group).

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