Turn on the Energy in Your Demeanor

2011-06-28 |   Industry News

Regular trade show exhibitors know the extensive preparation, time, and money that go into putting together a noticeable display. In addition to the equipment, props and materials presented, the development of a web and printed direct mailer, alerting customers of the upcoming event and selecting the winning prize for the giveaway you’ll be hosting are all part of this preparation. Then, finally, the actual trade show takes place. With all the time and energy that was placed in organizing this event, it’s sometimes difficult to exhibit the right energy.

The people attending the shows expect walking into an arena of salespeople, sometimes thousands of salespeople. Obviously no attendee will talk to every exhibitor, so in order to ensure your prospective and existing customers stop at your booth requires positive energy in your demeanor. Displaying this positive, energetic demeanor does not require changing your sales style, as everyone has different tactics for delivery. Rather, demonstrating through your attitude and mannerisms will result in increased attendee drop-ins.

The attendee drop-ins are the crucial moments to build new relationships and strengthen ones already established. This can best be achieved by creating a sense of excitement. Talking with someone who comes off as tired, bored and uninterested in his or her job at hand is never pleasant. So, be the person people can have a positive and upbeat conversation with.

Your job is to make prospects feel that they are going to miss something if they don’t stop to talk with you. Exude excitement, and they will be drawn to hear what you have to offer. Dictionary.com cites effectiveness as the synonym to energy. To exude energy at a trade show is to be effective. The last thing you want is to waste time and money.

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