Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs: Even-More-Movable Marketing

Appears in Vehicle Graphics

Score points for cost-effectiveness when you advertise with a magnetic sign made by our Genoa technicians.

Maybe you are unsure about which vehicle you will use most consistently for your business, and are trying a couple of different options.


A magnetic sign can be transferred easily from one vehicle to another without any damage to your paint job. You don’t need to waste time in limbo, wondering whether you should commit to a full vehicle ad wrap or not. Get all the benefits of a traditional vehicle wrap, including thousands of impressions on potential customers each day as you travel from place to place, yet still leaving you the option to safely remove the sign if you need to.

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Magnetic Signs

3M Certified Installation Company

Being 3M certified means we have been trained and tested to professionally install vinyl graphics. Our installers will get the job done right the first time and it will last. Our nationwide network of 3M installers insures quality installations in all 50 states.

Leave the design work to us

We will use our expertise to elevate your brand.


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